GreenGive Kickoff Party | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

GreenGive Kickoff Party

May 12th
5:30 PM

Location: Outdoors on the Labryinth

GreenGive will kick off with a party at Maryland Hall on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 - the public is invited to come and learn about the work of all 11 partners, and to enjoy a lovely evening at Maryland Hall, site of a collaborative project by all the partners.

Come prepared to be amazed by the work of your favorite non-profits and some with which you may not be familiar. Take this opportunity to ask questions about the organizations' projects and goals.

You'll also learn about the Green Give's exciting collaborative projects at Maryland Hall: A conservation planting near the south side entrance and removal of invasive species and replanting with natives between Bates Middle School and Maryland Hall.

More information and ticket sales TBA