Printmaking Co-op

The printmaking co-op is dedicated to new developments in non-toxic printmaking. Our mission is to use processes and materials that are solvent-free. The printmaking co-op will offer one and two day workshops emphasizing intaglio methods. Membership with open studio access, internships and exhibits opportunities are available.​ There is a fee of $100 for 6 month membership, with a pre-requisite 2 hour workshop on non-toxic materials and procedures used in the studio. Sign up through the Maryland Hall website or at the front office during open hours. Contact Sigrid Trumpy to schedule the workshop time:


Sigrid Trumpy, Northhampton, proof of color drypoint with dremel​. | Freshta Fazli, I Can Do It, linocut. | Neil Harpe, Moonlight Cruise, line etching, hand colored.​

MHCA Printmaking is a small studio (400 sq’) serving as an educational workshop and experimentation center dedicated to new developments in alternatives to traditional and more toxic printmaking. It is equipped with a 16 x 30” Charles Brand Etching Press. The studio is available for use by artists with printmaking experience once they have completed a short pre-requisite workshop in studio procedures. For use of the studio you must be a current member of Maryland Hall. The studio can accommodate 2-3 students working in close quarters during Open Access hours.


  • Vertical tank etching using ferric chloride, used with traditional oil based etching inks. 
  • Akua inks for etching, water based. 
  • Akua inks for Monoprinting, water based. 
  • Spray booth for aquatint with airbrush.