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Anne Hathaway Chamberlain

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Anne Hathaway


Born in Maryland, Anne began her education at Virginia Commonwealth University.  After initially pursuing a painting and printmaking career, Anne returned to school to pursue additional education in Art History and Museum studies.  Propelled towards a career in art conservation, she was accepted into a conservation program with Studio Art Centers International and moved to Florence, Italy.  While there she gleaned inspiration from the great masters while working first-hand on conserving and restoring their work.  Since her return to Maryland, Anne has continued to expand her portfolio and do freelance conservation and commission work.  Past shows have included solo shows at 49 West, Tsunami and co-op contributions to Maryland Hall.

Artist Statement

"My father began to travel with the U.S. Navy when I was a little girl, and the photographs and stories he brought home made me hungry for adventures of my own. I fell in love with the wider world at the National Gallery of Art and Smithsonian when my father worked there between deployments. As soon as I was old enough to explore on my own, I’d arm myself with a moleskine notebook and a parcel of microns and head off for an exhibit or gallery show.  When I was 23, I spent an exhilarating month in France and Germany, filling sketchbooks and touring galleries.  I was hooked.  

I spent one month the following year in Italy, and immediately fell in love with the vast and varying countryside.  I slipped smooth pebbles from Monterosso al Mare into my pockets and hiked to a blue green spring-fed waterfall above Lake Como.  Meals were a ritual of fresh ingredients and meant several hours of reconnecting with the household and friends.  The enormity of the countries artistic richness astounded me -there were castle remains, archaeological digs, and warehouses of artwork, all longing for attention and conservation. 

I completed five spectacular months living and schooling in Florence, Italy.  While there I gained hands-on experience documenting, cleaning and assembling ancient archaeological artifacts.  I spent months cleaning and restoring a 15th century panel painting and was instructed in the proper methods to create an authentic fresco.  Every morning I walked out my front door to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower) fell more in love with the mixture of ancient and modern beauty that is Italy.  

My studio includes work ranging from watercolors to hand-carved porcelain vessels. I began studying fine arts and wound up entranced by the diverse and challenging world of art conservation.  Years of travel in Europe, Central America, and Asia have created a hunger for this diversity in my own work.  Each piece is inspired by my travels and a lifetime of reading and savoring good food. I hope to bring a delectable edge to every piece in soft, sumptuous color and texture."

AIR Term ends July 2017