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c.l.bigelow lives and works in the Annapolis area.

Worked in fiber and flat glass for years then moving exclusively to painting . Studied painting and colour  for several years with Mary J Arthur and Matt Klos .

Decided to  really explore sculpture in it's various manifestations. Have been working almost exclusively in found /discarded materials for the past few years.

Went back to the local college and studied welding and metal construction along with mold making  under Wilfredo Valladares Lara .

Am a founding member of the Jeffrey Group. A group of artist that work in found object media.

Watching my honey bees and studying the structure of their honeycomb has led to the newest series of repetitive works.

Professional organizations :

  • Maryland Federation of Art
  • The Jeffrey Group
  • Washington Sculptors Group
  • Hyattstown Mill Arts Project

Artist Statement

I am primarily a mixed media sculptor. I use the natural and man made world as my supply closet.  I like to take  what is considered detritus or outmoded technology and create a new work.

The plethora of throw aways in this society is amazing and frightening at the same time  i.e. part of me revels when I score a box full of vhs tapes, the other part of me cringes knowing  every one of these movies had to be replaced by some soon to be outmoded  media, the cycle of consumption continues.   I cannot stop any of that , but I can use as much recycled material in my work as possible.

By challenging myself to create something interesting and thoughtful with what is at hand  perhaps I can share with others the inherent beauty  I see in  everyday  materials.

Some work falls into place easily - other pieces are  controlled chaos that get reined in hopefully at the last,  but with the threat of bursting out again. I believe the nest series are chaos controlled to an extent -  the stupas  cannot have been anything but what they are-solid and contained. Working between those  extremes I believe  helps me grow as a maker.

AIR Term ends August 2018