Kate Osmond

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Kate was born in Washington DC and spent the best parts of her youth outside on nature trails. Her favorite hobby was, and still is, sneaking into construction sites to collect discarded pieces of metal. She attended college at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and taught sailing during the summers on the Chesapeake Bay. After graduating with a BA in Fine Art, Kate traveled across Canada and the USA in a helicopter, taking photographs for a GPS company. She witnessed first-hand the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina from the air and the impact our nation’s dependency on petroleum and natural gas has had upon our physical landscape. Her favorite memories, however, are of the gracious people she met and the unbelievable beauty of our world. 

Today, Kate paints large scale landscapes on canvas that are half-reality-half-spiritual and creates large welded metal sculptures that are evocative of the rhythms and systems we all depend upon. She has won several awards for her work and her pieces can be found in private collections from California all the way to the American Visionary Art Museum Sideshow Shop. When not painting, she teaches yoga and gets her kids as muddy as possible in the garden.

Artist Statement

I am interested in form and rhythm. My paintings and sculptures begin with a rigid, industrial-like component to them, whether it be subject matter or materials used. I then incorporate more organic aspects to the pieces: curved forms, paper components, or plant/animal subject matter for my sculptures and color choice and focus for my paintings. I believe that most “good” art does not beat the viewer of the head with intended interpretation. I can sometimes include controversial subject matter in my pieces but I do not pass judgements and invite the viewer to feel the freedom of interpreting my work however they feel the freest. My sole motivation for creating art is curiosity. I need to create and I want to see what can be made-to learn what is in my head and heart.