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Kim Farcot



I was born Kimberly Idona McCormick just south of Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in a waterfront community on the Magothy River. My father was an electrical engineer at Westinghouse, and my mother was a nurse. As a pre-school child, I was very shy, and spent hours coloring and drawing. In school, I played volleyball, basketball and softball, and even painted the circle in the center of the school basketball court. I took extra art classes in school, and outside of school at the YMCA, community college, and Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. My high school art teacher, John Habercam was very supportive, and encouraged me to pursue art as a profession.

I earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from Salisbury University, and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the George Washington University.  I studied under John Woodward in graduate school, who taught me classical and impressionist painting technique and color theory. I worked in print design, outdoor advertising, printing, and spent 6 years directing a team of designers at PriceWaterhouse Coopers management consulting.  I taught design at the George Washington University, as well as other continuing education centers.  I self-published a children’s picture book, and freelanced as an illustrator.

I am a member of the Portrait Soceity of America, the Maryland Society of Portrait Painters and Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts where I facilitate a weekly life drawing cooperative group. Currently I teach classes at Maryland Hall, Anne Arundel Community College and the Performing and Visual Arts Magnet program in the public schools.

I live in Annapolis, Maryland with my husband, 2 sons and 1 daughter. In addition to portrait commissions, and life drawing, I enjoy playing the piano, watching my boys play ice hockey, and traveling with my family.

Artist Statement

Among all the interests and aspects of my life that have changed over time, one has remained constant; the creativity of painting and drawing sustains me, fulfills me, and makes me a better person.

After spending many years in Corporate Graphic Design, I am thrilled to be an Artist in Residence at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, where I took drawing classes as a child. I have enjoyed further developing my fine art skills, and am active in coordinating the Figure Drawing and Portrait Painting Co-Op groups. This has shown me that there are endless possibilities in working with the human face and figure, and I am intrigued by the obvious fact that every human has a body, but few people study the natural beauty, grace and strength of the human form.

I love to explore how different media and techniques can affect the mood of the final art. The Classical and Impressionist masters are a big influence on my work, as well as modern techniques like alla prima.

Currently I am working on a series of pieces based on the concept of Secular Humanism. This is a philosophy of imagination and reason, celebrating human life, rights and liberties. It began during the Renaissance, when art began to part from alter pieces and paintings of Biblical scenes commissioned by the church. Instead, wealthy merchants started commissioning painting and sculptures of humans, or pagan gods. I am creating a body of work exploring modern humans of all ages and races at work, play, and rest.   

My art provides me with immeasurable personal satisfaction, but the feedback I receive from others, and their appreciation for what I do feeds my soul and will forever keep me exploring and improving.

AIR Term ends August 2015