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Matthew Moore

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Matthew Moore is a full time professor and coordinator of the Photography Program at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland. Matthew received his MFA degree in 2009 from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. While there he was awarded the Ernest G. Welch Graduate Photography Award in 2007 and the Chandler Award in 2006. He received a BFA degree in 2000 from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. After completing his BFA Matthew moved to the Czech Republic and has continued to return there frequently to exhibit work and lecture, most recently at

Univerzita J. E. Purkyne (2009) and Prague College (2010). Matthew has also been a long time contributor to Hour Detroit Magazine and his 2004 documentary, “A Tale of Two Cities,” won a silver medal for Best Photo Essay in a City or Regional Magazine. Other editorial clients include Detroit Home, XXL, Mass Appeal, and Cancer Today.

Artist Statement

My recent work has been an exploration of the complex relationship we as humans, have with animals. Through the use of photography and video I have been attempting to re-contextualize this relationship to put emphasis on certain phenomena, such as the use of animals to enhance our own experience of being human. Much of my work has to do with a belief that our interaction with animals in today’s society is filtered to create a hyper-real environment that takes us further away from the possibility of an authentic animal encounter. By reproducing, or re-simulating, the layers placed between humans and nonhuman animals I am able to draw attention to the disappearance of animals from our lives. In this way the work seeks to represent animals, not as a symbol of what we control, as they were used in the past, but as a symbol of what we have lost. The aim of my work is not to convert viewers to my way of thinking, but rather to create an experience that allows for a reexamination of existing ideas. Because we all interpret artwork through the experiences of our own lives there is never a universal meaning to be understood. My role as an artist is therefore to expand upon my own understanding and the understanding of the viewer, so that a dialog is created between us.

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