BIG INK at Maryland Hall

CALL FOR ENTRY - BIG INK is pleased to partner with Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts for two one-day large woodcut printing sessions on August 4 & 5.

Click here to view the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts Prospectus, Annapolis, MD

We’ll be utilizing BIG INK’s giant 48” x 96” mobile etching press to pull prints. If accepted, artists will have two months prior to the event to carve their image into a piece of plywood. BIG INK remains in contact with each participant providing guidance and technical support when needed. Artwork made during workshops will be exhibited from Aug 6th - 19th at Maryland Hall.

BIG INK is an organized network of creative thinkers focused on carving, printing, and promoting large scale woodcuts.  We invite artists, via a call-for-entry application process, to submit a proposal to create a woodcut, at least 24” x 36” in dimension, through  Approximately thirteen artists are accepted per event and given two months to carve an image. At the end of the two months, BIG INK meets with the artists at a predetermined space, such as an art center, festival, or community print shop, and helps them print his or her woodcut onto paper. These events culminate in exhibition opportunities and potential sales for the artists who participate.

Initially BIG INK began as a way for Lyell Castonguay and his partner, Carand, to share their acquired knowledge of the medium with others. Since 2012, a national community of over a hundred past participants has formed!  We believe it’s important that the prints produced at BIG INK events are seen and appreciated as a whole.  Therefore, we request ownership of one print from each participant to archive in the BIG INK portfolio. Their work is professionally photographed, added to the online gallery, and used for curatorial projects.

To find out more about BIG INK visit their website.