Birds of a Feather | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Birds of a Feather

Presented by Maryland Hall
March 14th
7:30 PMPurchase


Shenandoah Run and Magpie team up for a celebration that delivers a broad selection of folk music from its glory days and those who influenced the folk era to more contemporary times. 

About Magpie 


With a career that has spanned forty years, Magpie, the amazing duo of Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner has traveled the globe, bringing its unique sound and breathtaking versatility to audiences everywhere. From traditional songs to vintage blues, swing and country to folk classics to contemporary and stirring original compositions, they cover a lot of musical ground. With their powerful voices and harmonies and their excellent instrumental arrangements on guitars, mandolin, harmonica, dulcimer, and concertina, their sound is much bigger than just two people. Award-winning recording artists, songwriters, musical historians, and social activists, Terry and Greg always promise a presentation that is highly entertaining as well as provocative and deeply moving. Joining Magpie for the night is bass player Ralph Gordon.

About Shenandoah Run

(From left to right: Bob Melissinos, Henry Milne, Joe Dickey, John Werntz, Carolyn Everly Sagatov, Pam Ferguson, Mary DeGuire Romagnoli, Robert Burleson, Bill Kerr)

Shenandoah Run (think New Christy Minstrels with a contemporary flair) is a nine-member folk group from the Washington, DC area that has been performing together for 3-1/2 years.  Each member of the group was hand-picked for his or her individual musicality, vocal and instrumental talent, and a strong desire to keep folk music alive and fresh.  This dedication has proven key to the group’s success.  Their repertoire features the songs and sounds of American folk, country, and bluegrass music, with the occasional infusion of songs from other lands. Their blend of vintage and contemporary folk music, treated with lush harmonies and skillful instrumental backing, defines their signature recognizable sound.  With their many years of collective performance experience, they produce arrangements that are fresh, varied, and unique, and deliver them in a manner that delights audiences of all ages.   Their relaxed and informal presentation quickly establishes a rapport with the audience and encourages them to sing along.