Dance Classes at Maryland Hall

We are the home of the most comprehensive dance program in the area with two ballet companies -- Ballet Theatre of Maryland and Academy Ballet School of Annapolis -- the Maple Academy of Irish Dance and many talented dance teachers offering classes for all ages. Whether you’re interested in dipping your toes into the world of dance through a Parent/Child class, want to enroll your child in an esteemed ballet program, or are looking for a fun way to burn off energy and have fun for yourself or your child, we have a dance class that will fit your criteria.

What Our Teachers Say


The most fulfilling part of my job is sharing my love for dance with my many students. My goal is to teach technique in a friendly, controlled, safe, noncompetitive atmosphere. I strive to bring out the inner dancer in all my students and always concentrate on the positive.

Cheryl Mauck

Even if only for an hour during their busy week, the Ballet for Life classes offer students a chance to focus solely on ballet movement, allowing them to take a step away from life’s hectic pace. Students often comment that this hour is one of the highlights of their week.

Lisa Peelish

The BTM Instructors enjoy being able to share their love of dance with the next generation of dancers and dance lovers. Watching the students grow and guiding them toward realizing their full potential is a joy and privilege!

Ballet Theatre of Maryland

I love sharing tap as an artform and great exercise. Students enjoy music, props, exercise, and friendships. Dancers move as chorus and soloists using our mind, body, and soles (souls).

Mary Slater