Kids' Art Classes at Maryland Hall

Expand your child's world and grow their imagination and overall wellness with an arts class. For over four decades, we have specialized in the best arts classes for kids from our area's top experienced Teaching Artists. With a flexible class schedule and a nearly endless possibility of mediums and projects, we will provide your child with an enriching experience. We even offer parent/child workshops for a family bonding experience! Currently offering virtual classes and small outdoor workshops, we can help you supplement your child's distance learning this marking period.

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    Let the beauty of watercolor paint show through a variety of endless possibilities. With a wide application of techniques and processes, you will gain a level of confidence that will show in your results. By inspiration, exploration and experimenting in paper and watercolor media you will be ready to move on to the next level of compositions. For more information, please contact the instructor at This class is taking place remotely. If you have registered, you will receive an email with details of how to access the class. Materials: Watercolor block 9x12 cold press ( spiral at top or side ) Sketchbook ~ whatever you have at home Masking tape (1in roll) don’t need exact Size Variety of Brushes small to large fluffy 1” Paper towels Micron pens black or any fine point black marker Watercolor (old or new ) Tubes or cakes Palette of choice/ circle or multi slot with palette Salt ( ground works too ) Rubbing alcohol ( spray bottle if possible ) A piece of bubble wrap 12x18 (or whatever is around the house ) Drinking straws ( just a few ) Crumpled foil and/or plastic wrap Old comb .. Toothbrush ~ any size ( let Mom or Dad know you are Borrowing the comb same with the toothbrush!!) Colored tissue paper ( comics pages work too) Cotton balls ( a handful ) Masking fluid or rubber cement Recommend the following for supplies: Art Things at Maryland Hall Amazon Michaels Let’s go exploring !!