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    Melissa Hyatt Foss
    13-18 years
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    Class for Teens 13-18. Musical instruments have helped us to communicate and express ourselves since the dawn of human culture. Learning to build and play our own musical instruments slows us down, connects us to our bodies and to our self-expression, and helps us to connect with a sense of wonder, curiosity and play.  In this 4 session workshop we will get an introduction to musical instruments that have been made across Central and South America for thousands of years and learn to build our own clay flutes using ancient pottery-making techniques.  At the end of the course we will learn to explore and play our own unique instruments.  All are welcome, and no previous experience with clay, instruments or music is necessary.  Everyone can enjoy turning mud into music!  A materials fee of $10 is due to Maryland Hall Pottery at the first class. Contact the instructor with any questions at melissahfoss@gmail.com. No class on March 11 while ocarina are kiln fired. The last day will be in a quiet "zen" room 205 for learning to play your Ocarina.