Chuck’s first exposure to woodworking involved construction of a photographic contact printer under the guidance of his father. Now some sixty years and many varied projects later, he has put his focus on woodturning and has displayed his work in almost a dozen venues in Maryland. He has demonstrated at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery in Washington and for several local clubs, and recently took First Place in the Maryland Hall exhibition of works by the Chesapeake Woodturners club.

Artist Statement

My goal is to display the endless variations of wood in graceful and sometimes functional shapes with close attention to smooth and fluid lines and patient care in finishing. I am currently trying to find new ways to enhance my turnings with accents of texture, color, and incorporation of other materials.

Chuck Engstrom

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    The Woodturning Co-op provides access to the woodturning workshop during non-class times. Co-op members should be of sufficient safety and technical development to work independently. For more information please contact the coordinators: Chuck Engstrom: 410-778-0877 or Lab fee of $20 is due to the coordinator at first meeting. Woodturning Co-op registration must be a renewal or by permission of Chuck Engstrom.