About the Organization

Language Immersion Learning is a Maryland-based educational organization that supports and advocates for a more inclusive, multilingual and multicultural community. The key components of this organization include:

  • Implementing and maintaining a comprehensive, practical and research-based approach biliteracy instruction that celebrates and builds on the cultural, linguistic, and academic backgrounds of all learners and educators.
  • Differentiating services to accommodate all learners using a growth mindset.
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders including learners, educators, families, schools, community

organizations and others.

  • Creating sustainable systems that ensure optimal biliteracy instruction through program and curriculum development, community partnerships, advocacy and other best practices.

Language Immersion Learning offers a variety of programs at different locations throughout the Annapolis area. Bilingual Storytime is a weekly Pre-K and Kindergarten push-in program at four different Annapolis Elementary Schools which includes puppets, songs, and stories in both Spanish and English. The Art of Language is an early biliteracy arts integrated program at Maryland Hall that introduces young children to Spanish language through immersive activities including arts and crafts, stories, music and movement.

About the Founder

Language Immersion Learning was founded in 2021 by Kristi Funk, a veteran language teacher with over 13 years of classroom teaching experience. She has earned a Bachelor's Degree in International Studies and Spanish, a Master's Degree in Second Language Teaching, and holds an Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate from the Maryland Department of Education. Ms. Funk is a former Anne Arundel County Public School Educator and Department Chair from the World and Classical Language Department. She currently serves as the Spanish Specialist at Chesapeake Montessori School in Arnold, Maryland. Ms. Funk is also a parent and community member in Annapolis, Maryland.

What do our programs entail?

Both Bilingual Storytime and the Art of Language are dual-language early literacy programs geared toward preschool and early elementary students. These programs provide a unique opportunity to nurture cognitive and language development for both native English-speaking children and those who are learning English as a second language. Each themed session is led by one or more Biliteracy Specialists who implement research-based early literacy practices that engage children of all linguistic backgrounds. All materials and activities in every session are specially designed to strengthen native language proficiency, promote second language development, and provide meaningful, culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate educational opportunities for all children.

Language Immersion Learning's Programming provides long-term cognitive and academic benefits for all children as fluency in two or more languages benefits children's overall learning, marked by increased cognitive and social-emotional development, as well as long-term success (see The Benefits of Being Bilingual). Additionally, Language Immersion Learning’s programs reflect the linguistic and cultural diversity of our community and fosters cultural sensitivity and awareness among young children and their families.


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