Laura came to the fiber arts in a roundabout way. She holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics and learned to knit when her children were small. She became fascinated at the ways we use two-dimensional knitting to fit three-dimensional shapes and began to collect knitting theories and techniques as she explored this new topography. In recent years, Laura has also taken up weaving, spinning, and dyeing fiber and yarn to deepen her understanding of knitted fibers and fabric. Today she teaches knitters from beginners through advanced and designs patterns with step-by-step instructions to help knitters of any level achieve success in their projects. 

Laura is passionate about making the fiber arts accessible to all students, whether you have an artistic background or are picking up knitting needles for the very first time. She finds knitting fills a tactile void in our increasingly virtual world. “I love that knitting can be as complicated and challenging or as simple and soothing as we need it to be.”

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