An avid practitioner of various styles of yoga for over twenty-five years, it felt very natural to transition into the instructional side of things. My basic training and teaching experiences began at Pure Prana and Radiance studios in Alexandria, VA in 2010. A diagnosis of osteopenia triggered a need to seek out safer ways to move the body. This led to various workshops, more training and additional certifications in Integrative Yoga for Seniors, at Duke Integrative Medicine, Durham, NC, and YogAlign, Kuaui, HI. 

These training programs, additional research and personal observations continue to inform my teaching style. As a yoga instructor, my goals are to create a relaxed and fun space inviting students to safely experience a smart, accessible and sustainable yoga practice. I am very confident sharing YogAlign with others – it is painless and improves posture, overall health and sense of well being.  

When not teaching or practicing yoga, I enjoy designing, painting and listening to music. Connecting with nature is a must and best done while gardening, hiking, biking, kayaking and traveling. And I am also an avid “wannabe” sailor.


Life is just more fun when you’re Aligned.

Lyn Vencus

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Lyn Vencus