Stephanie Scarlata holds her studio art degree from the University of Maryland and is an art educator and mentor.  Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally, and pieces are permanently on display in Hobart, Tasmania.  Her experiences range from working in an art gallery to school settings.  She has 15 years experience teaching one-on-one and in groups with people of various artistic backgrounds and demographics including small children, teens, and those with dementia.  She specializes in large scale abstract painting and portraiture capturing her love for travel, water and people.  She draws on elements from the outdoors and aerial views for her abstracts and the stories behind faces for her portraits.  Stephanie lives with her husband and three sons in Edgewater, Maryland and is currently teaching high schoolers at the Key School in Annapolis. 


I love teaching people who have no faith they can paint – I love proving them wrong.

Stephanie Scarlata

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Stephanie Scarlata

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