"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." – Picasso

About Jóvenes Artistas

Jóvenes Artistas (JA) is an after school arts program that gives youth facing adversity a safe environment for self expression, confidence and motivation to work through life challenges. The program combines mentoring, arts experience and emotional support to allow students to express their personal stories in a creative way. Every few weeks, at the end of an arts session, the students have the opportunity to participate in a gallery exhibit or reception of their artwork.  

Mission: Jóvenes Artistas is dedicated to providing mentorship, arts experiences, and exhibition opportunities in a safe environment for youth facing adversity. 

Jóvenes Artistas is inspired and built from the established HEAL.INSPIRE.EMPOWER program model developed and used by ARTS (A Reason To Survive). For more information please visit ARTS.

Jovenes Artistas has the support of Caliente Grill

Our Team

Laura Brino

Director of Community Programs

Kenneth Starkes

Program Facilitator & Mentor Lead Community Transitions

Inspire Classes

Classes are offered for youth 11-18. Classes are free to anyone that qualifies. All classes are located at Maryland Hall. Class sizes are limited, so please sign up quickly. If you have previously taken classes with JA, you can enroll by contacting Ms. Brino. If you have never taken classes, please fill out an application form (below).

Jóvenes Artistas Application Form

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Ken Starkes

Outreach Coordinator

Laura Brino

Director of Community Programs
Maryland Hall