Sue Corrigan-Yo | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Sue Corrigan-Yo


Sue began her art career 30 years ago at Harrogate College of Art, UK, then received a B.A. Hons Degree at Leeds Metropolitan University. This was followed by teaching qualification from Huddersfield University in the North of England, where she has been teaching painting and drawing to six form students (age 17 –18) and adults for the last 20 years. Sue arrived in this country 7 years ago and became Vice President of the Annapolis Watercolor Club soon after she arrived here, holding that position for the next 6 years. She is an adjunct faculty teacher for AACC and teaches watercolor classes at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.  Sue believes teaching and learning  go hand in hand, she is always taking classes with master artists who she admires . . .  Hai Ou Hou, Abigail McBride, Mather Hillier, to name but a few, constantly learning new things to pass onto her students who are her primary focus at the moment. One of her greatest pleasures is nurturing the creative potential in her students. Sue also teaches workshops in the US and in the UK when she returns.

Sue enjoys Painting in both Watercolor and in Oils, she exhibits in the Chesapeake area.  Travelling provides inspiration for her favorite subjects, particularly  the natural environment, wildlife, exotic flora and fauna, portraits, landscape and seascapes. Having global associations, her paintings hang in collections in a variety of countries, UK, China, Dubai and Indonesia as well as the Florida Keys. At Maryland Hall Sue teaches a class called ‘Expressive Florals in Watercolor’ and in the summer she will introduce a course based on wildlife in the natural environment. . . . titled ‘The Splendor of Nature in Watercolor’.