Date & Time

Bowen Theatre
801 Chase Street
Annapolis, MD 21401


An award-winning Sundance film, this is your chance to be ahead of the curve and be among the first to experience the magic that Searchlight Pictures consistently delivers. With their reputation for producing thought-provoking and visually stunning films, Searchlight Pictures continues to captivate audiences around the globe. We thank them for choosing the Annapolis Film Society as one of the platforms to unveil their latest cinematic gem so we can share it with our film society members.


Join us at the Annapolis Film Society and be part of a special group of film enthusiasts who will witness this new film in Annapolis. If you want to be entertained, this film will live up to the hype. Mark your calendars, clear your schedules, and get ready for a great evening. See you at the Annapolis Film Society, where exclusivity meets excellence.