Date & Time

Maryland Hall
801 Chase Street
Annapolis, Maryland 21401


Discover Your Ultimate Flow State with Expressive Writing


March 7th, at 7 pm, in the Maryland Hall Bowen Theatre


In a world of divided attention, the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day; putting pen to paper evokes mindfulness, helps us structure anxious thoughts, and is proven to boost immune function. Our esteemed panelists will illuminate the science behind the therapeutic practice of expressive writing and how you can access your flow state to explore a wealth of possibilities on the page. 


Whether you keep a personal journal, dabble with short stories, or possibly started that memoir on more than one occasion, the creative process is underway.


Find the focus and drive you need to finally start that novel, build a collection of essays, or just enjoy lower levels of stress. The late author bell hooks knew well- the function of writing is to do more than tell it like it is, but to imagine how it could be.



Dr. Diane Pomerantz (Psychologist & Author)



Chris Haley (Director, Researcher, Poet)

Valerie Ormond (Author)

Melony Hill (Motivational Speaker)


Tickets: $15.00 Maryland Hall presents Healing Conversations

Discover Your Ultimate Flow State with Expressive Writing