Date & Time

Main Theatre


Masterworks I is an opportunity to showcase the intersection of art and life. The title “Music to Remember” lends weight to the importance of using our individual and collective voices – through spoken word, art, and music – to remember history, to not repeat it, and to lend action in the achievement of social justice, democracy, and peace. 

The performance opens with composer Carlos Simon’s This Land, a lush and bright piece that incorporates the national anthems of immigrants to America, representing hope and unity. 

Grieg’s Piano Concerto is the only concerto Grieg completed and remains one of the most popular of the genre. Gabriela Montero will perform as a solo pianist. 

The ASO presents the United States première of Boris Pigovat’s “Holocaust Requiem,” in memory of the 1941 Babyn Yar massacre in Kyiv, Ukraine. The première will be performed on the 82nd anniversary of the massacre. Peter Minkler of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra will be the featured viola soloist.