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Since his debut release of Crazy Life, in 1973, Gino Vannelli has remained one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music. His voice is as memorable as his hair, as he has been dubbed, “The Canadian singer /songwriter with a lion’s mane.” But Vannelli’s evolving music has kept his fan base growing for over 40 years. From rock, to jazz, to soul, even classical, this singer/songwriter/producer has left no musical stone unturned. With an amazing 21 albums under his belt, most hitting the Billboard charts—his recent release being ‘Live in LA’, a concert shot right here at the Saban Theater, hitting number one on Amazon.

Vannelli is a living legend, and his live shows must be be seen to be believed. Some things get better with age and Vannelli is living embodiment of that sentiment. He released his 20th album entitled Wilderness Road on April 5th 2019, a brand new collection of recently written songs on his acoustic guitar. In 2021 Gino released a new compilation called More Than A Good Thing, which contains a contemporary remake of “The River Must Flow,” (a song from the Brother to Brother record), featuring Brian Mcknight on backing vocals and Michael Phillips on talk box. Gino has just finished production on the latest Massimo Ranieri album, “Tutti I Sogni, Ancora in Volo”, to be released in the fall of /22.

Whether performing piano-voice concerts in theaters, singing before symphony orchestras in concert halls, big bands or a pop ensemble, to throngs of enthusiastic fans, Vannelli remains impassioned and true to his art as ever. His standing as a powerful and innovative live performer, his well-hewn musical skills as composer, poet, producer, arranger, and bandleader, keep his career rising to greater heights.

Gino is presently in the studio, working on his newest record entitled, The Life I Got, to be released this year

Some quick highlights:

-Over 20 millions records sold worldwide

-First Caucasian artist to perform on Soul train

-Performed live with Stevie Wonder

-Performed for the late Pope John Paul

-Scheduled duet with Chaka Khan for Gino’s upcoming album.