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Community Room

Picture 'MUSICAL CHAIRS', but for networking!

At the core of every professional relationship is a simple act - networking. Yet, many find it daunting. Driven by feedback from our valued attendees, we're excited to present a dynamic, game-inspired event to refine your networking skills in a fun, safe, and interactive environment.

Why Attend?

Skill Development: Based on collective feedback, we recognized the need for practical networking training. This event is designed as a direct response, ensuring attendees walk away with actionable insights and experience.

Engaging Format: Say goodbye to the usual humdrum of networking events. Our innovative game approach guarantees enjoyment while you learn.

Diverse Interactions: The color-coded system ensures you meet a diverse group of professionals, expanding your circle and understanding of different industries.

Refresh, dance, and delight: Our cash bar and vibrant tunes await, alongside an inspiring crowd!

BONUS: Accompanying the game, we have a short yet impactful presentation on the art and science of networking, providing a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical techniques.

Join us for an evening of fun, learning, and genuine connections. Step out, expand your circle, and master the art of networking!

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**Rising Stars is a collaboration between Maryland Hall and Leadership Anne Arundel Flagship Class of 2023.

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