Date & Time

Front Stairs
801 Chase Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

Songbird Festival connects all women by providing a platform for storytelling and artistic expression, and a safe space to find commonality. The Songbird Collective, a group made up of local Annapolis musicians Laura Brino, Danah Denice, Jeanette Lynn and Meg Murray, is excited to announce the inaugural Songbird Festival: A Women’s Experience. This inaugural year will feature a diverse group of performers and presenters, along with a number of women artists, women owned businesses, support services and resources for women and more. While providing a platform for presenters and performers to address issues common to  the women’s experience like domestic violence, sexual trauma, access to healthcare, birth trauma, trans rights, discrimination and more, the festival will also uplift women in the arts and in business and celebrate the inspiring work being done in the community.

Bring your own chair or blanket to enjoy the performance.