Boss (Big or Small Stuff) Cindy Fletcher Holden | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Boss (Big or Small Stuff) Cindy Fletcher Holden

Martino Gallery, 2nd floor




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This exhibition of Cindy Fletcher Holden's work features large oil paintings that are a part of a continuing series of shiny cars and the world they reflect, as well as small oil paintings that were inspired by Fletcher's two-year, world-wide sailing adventure.

"My large paintings started out as huge charcoal drawings of engine parts exploding off the paper inspired by  the rebuilding of an old marine engine and searching boatyards for engine parts with my dad.  He would see usable parts and I would see art.  Later these images morphed to piles of studio tools,  junkyard trucks, vintage cars and now wild and wacky  reflections found in  shiny cars.  My newer paintings are not all that different from the original drawings, just more color and slicker paint. 

 The smaller paintings were done out of necessity when I went on a two-year sailing adventure with my husband to Europe and back. Being on a boat meant I couldn't paint large.  At first, I tried doing a small version of the shiny cars but it didn't have the same impact.  I soon found that painting scenes of my surroundings were enough to full-fill the need to paint!

Now back in a studio, I am painting both large shiny car paintings and small scenes still inspired by our sailing adventure, and hopefully more adventures in the future." - Cindy