Color Crush | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Color Crush

Martino Gallery, 2nd floor

Colors, shapes and patterns of rock candy are displayed on the canvas. I put the small pieces of rock candy into the capsules and use the capsules to arrange different patterns. In order to make the different patterns I used the color schemes of color theory. I used the Theory of Color Relativity by Josef Albers in my “Color Crush” series in 2014, and decided to delve in the theory of Munsell Renotation System and Chevreul’s Theory of Color Harmony for this series. I used the Monochromatic, Analogous, Triad, Tetrads, and Split Complementary color schemes to make simultaneous contrast, luminosity contrast and area contrast. This is all for the unambiguous visibility and juxtapositional mixture. Each of the eighteen canvas panels are influenced by different color theories and is like a secret code. A code of colors and candies that only I can understand. Each canvas and pattern is a part of my own language, a part of my secret code.