Curriculum Vitae | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Curriculum Vitae

Balcony Gallery, 3rd floor

Recent work by photographer Vince Lupo.

Gallery Talk: Monday, February 9 | 6:30 pm

These photos are impressions of where Vince Lupo has been, what he has seen and the feelings these encounters have evoked.  Call them his visual "curriculum vitae," or at least a small sliver of them.
Lupo documented the loneliness and solitude that is part of life and part of the collective emotional experience.  These feelings can reveal themselves in gestures, expressions, or even the physical environment in which we find ourselves.    
Additionally, there are situations Lupo has come across that can only be described as ‘ironic’. None of these images were planned, staged or sought out. They are simply the records of scenes and activities that have presented themselves to him when he was ready for the unexpected. Oftentimes the juxtaposition of seemingly disconnected elements within a scene can create tension, contrast, or a conversation between them.  His role has been to connect these dots through his camera. 
"The creative path is neither orderly nor routine, and the images within these themes capture what I see as the surprise, fear and joy of living.  I never know what’s around the corner or where I’ll end up.​"

L-R: Vince Lupo, Hubbells. Vince Lupo, Reims. Vince Lupo, Wild Horses.