Eric Winter, Imaginary World | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Eric Winter, Imaginary World

Martino Gallery, 2nd floor

Paintings from the artist’s life experiences and travels, both real and imagined. This is Eric Winter’s first solo exhibit in Annapolis. 


Artist Statement

When I was a ten year old boy I entered the first room of the Picasso museum in the gothic quarter of Barcelona, Spain.  The drawings of a preadolescent Spanish boy masterfully captured the enchantment of the old European surroundings. Within minutes I realized that I would become an artist.

In my paintings I try to portray the sense of mystery that I have felt while living in different parts of the world.  Whether it concerns lifestyle or producing objects, I suppose it’s the ability to capture, or create, enchantment that makes art so important to me. 

(L-R) 1. Evening Bansuri, watercolor on ​paper. 2. Chinatown, acrylic on panel​. 3. Vegetable Vendor, acrylic on panel. 4. Boat Repairman, acrylic on panel.

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