A Walk in the Park | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

A Walk in the Park

Martino Gallery, 2nd floor


              Birdie (Garden of the Gods), Murray    Riolto Beach (Olympic State Park, WA), Walden

The Colored Pencil Society of America (http://www.cpsa.org) is celebrating 25 years! The National Park Service (http://www.nps.gov ) is celebrating 100 years!  Our local chapter of the Colored Pencil Association, Metro-Washington 109, would like to express our love for our National Parks through our art. For A Walk in the Park, each artist will create art inspired by a visit to one of our nation’s many National Parks.  We hope to inspire our viewers to get out and explore one of the many National Parks in our region, as well as National Parks throughout our country.

Metro-Washington 109 is a CPSA district chapter established in 1994 (www.cpsa109.org). Each chapter is a self-governing group of CPSA members that operates to promote colored pencil art within its own area. By promoting camaraderie and education locally, the chapters provide additional opportunities for their members and help CPSA by attracting new members.

We can promise you a show that will amaze and delight viewers who will find it hard to believe the level of sophistication, variety, and beauty achieved through the medium of colored pencil. 

Tools and Techniques Demo - August 19th at 5:30 pm

Sip and Color - August 24th at 6:30 pm