Founded as a space for Artists to work and thrive, Maryland Hall’s first gallery opened in 1980. The Artist-in-Residence Gallery was designed by Architect-in-Residence Michael Justin Dowling and featured works of Donald Cook, John Kucera, Cedric Egeli, Katherine Atterbury, Lauretta Bonfiglio, Louella Morgenthaler, Denise D'Aoust, Lee Boynton, Joanne Scott, Joanette Egeli and Bonnie Roth. 

Over the years, more gallery space was established through generous donor support. An early gallery iteration, opened in 1986, was the Cardinal Gallery. Donated by Cardinal Industries, one of the first exhibits was “Diverse Directions: Five Black Artists” followed by a gospel concert in celebration of Black History Month. 

Free to visit, Maryland Hall’s art galleries in Annapolis today include the Chaney Gallery, Martino Gallery, Openshaw Balcony Gallery and the Alcove Gallery (in addition to hallway galleries featuring student works). Our galleries are a space for engaging in visual arts and finding connection between art, artist, and audience. Through several curated exhibitions annually, Artist Talks and bi-monthly receptions, the galleries are a welcoming and vibrant space. The galleries are also a wonderful place to purchase art — exhibited works are often for sale and purchases support both the Artist and Maryland Hall. 


In the Galleries