Maryland Hall's Artist-in-Residence Programs have artists that work in a diverse variety of media and styles. AIRs work in their studios throughout the week and can be visited by patrons interested in learning about their art or purchasing their work. AIRs have Maryland Hall residencies during which they can create and sell work, exhibit in the galleries and participate in community programs. 

Residencies with open applications are listed below. Please join our Artist email list (below) to get notified as new opportunities are announced.

Current Artists-in-Residence

Openshaw Artists in Residence: Annika Mathinuss

Annika Marthinuss - Is an anxious and autistic artist who works primarily with acrylic and oil paint, along with textiles and some collage elements. She graduated with her BA in art education from The College of New Jersey and is currently pursuing her MFA in studio art at Maryland Institute College of
Art. As someone who struggles with verbal language, she considers the canvas absorbing herself and taking what she can’t communicate in words and translating it into a visual language.

Previous Artists-in-Residence

Openshaw Artist in Residence: Wayman Scott

Wayman uses contemporary, historical, and religious art to pay tribute to heroes and highlight the story of the marginalized using Baltimore City as a tapestry. Wayman studied fine arts at Towson University. Serving as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion staff at a local hospital system Wayman aspires for his art to be congruent with his DEI work. He hopes his art can hold a mirror to society with a lens of DEI and social justice.

Selin Balci

AIR | April 1, 2023

Selin Balci is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher.

AIR Programs

Maryland Hall offers several different types of artist residencies.

Openshaw Artist-in-Residence Program

The Openshaw Artist-In-Residence program provides accessible space to up-and-coming artists in the local community while also educating the public in the process of the creation of art through a diversity of forms. Artists are given the opportunity to create a collection of work to exhibit in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery at the end of their residency while also curating the exhibit.

Artist-In-Residence Program

Maryland Hall Artists-in-Residence (AIR) and Visiting Artists Program provides a supportive atmosphere for professional artists in a diversity of art forms within a collective art setting. The program provides an opportunity to educate the public in the process of creating art.

Community Partner Artist in Residence Program

More information coming Fall 2023

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Past Artists-in-Residence

Warren Hynson

Openshaw AIR | April 1, 2023

Sheldon Pindell

Openshaw AIR | February 1, 2023

Exhibit Reception | Openshaw Gallery
February 9, 2023 @ 5:30


Welcome to a world of beautiful disasters.

Jonathan M. James

Openshaw AIR | July 1 - September 30, 2022
Painting | Printmaking | Sculpture

Exhibition now showing in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery through early December

Kennedy Trusty

Openshaw AIR | Visual Artist

Kennedy Trusty joined the Openshaw AIR program in Spring 2022 and exhibited SELF DESTRUCTION.

Luis Bello

AIR | Visual Arts

Bello was the first artist to create and show work through the Openshaw Artist-in-Residence program.

Patrice Drago

AIR | Visual Arts | Painting

Patrice Drago is a painter known for her acrylic and mixed media work in lyrical abstract expression.

H.C. Porter

AIR | Photographer | Printmaker | Painter

H.C. Porter is an award-winning artist, whose original works of art are classified as mixed media because they incorporate her photography, printmaking and painting.

Sigrid Trumpy

AIR | Painter | Printmaker

Sigrid Trumpy's paintings and prints explore a combination of themes that refer to natural forms, geography, mapping and land/water mass.

Elaine Weiner-Reed

AIR | Painter | Sculptor

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) is an award-winning, internationally known Artist. Bilingual in French, she resides in Maryland, where she has worked for over 38 years as a professional artist and writer.

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