Artist Bio

I am a young creative. A creative whose ideas take over her life and mind. My ideas are sometimes overwhelming BUT once they are executed its WELL worth it. I hope all forms of my art inspires you. 

Kennedy joined the AIR program in Spring 2022.


Opening Thursday, May 19 

Exhibit Statement

Overly critical self-evaluations, always trying to be in control, OCD, anxiety, procrastination, and constant, what ifs, is what a normal day looks like for me. I am a perfectionist. Why? Why would anyone choose to put that much pressure on themselves? Truth is, it is a unconscious choice. For as long as I can remember my brain has been wired to strive for perfection.

Having the desire to be perfect, to validate my self worth, while simultaneously lacking confidence is emotionally and mentally draining. Underneath the desire to be perfect lies a range of emotions that I try to keep suppressed. My perfectionism is leading me on a path of SELF DESTRUCTION. As a perfectionist, I planned each piece down to the T, with a clear vision of what each piece would look like. However, over the course of my residency, my work has morphed dramatically. How? How can a perfectionist’s vision shift? Each piece on display is the unplanned product from an emotional outburst when I felt an overwhelming sense of failure, as everything I planned was not coming to fruition. In a beautiful, ironic way this exhibit captures the TRUE essence of my emotions when my perfectionist tendencies lead me into self destruction.

The Openshaw Artist-In-Residence program provides accessible space to up-and-coming artists in the local community while also educating the public in the process of the creation of art through a diversity of forms. Artists are given the opportunity to create a collection of work to exhibit in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery at the end of their residency while also curating the exhibit. Maryland Hall’s Artists-in-Residence Programs provides a supportive atmosphere for artists in a creative setting, while giving opportunities for artists to develop their voice and contribute to the community at Maryland Hall.

Kennedy Trusty


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Many of the pieces in Kenmaya: SELF DESTRUCTION are for sale and may be purchased online.