Maryland Hall's (MD Hall) Artists-in-Residence (AIR) and Visiting Artists Program provides a supportive atmosphere for professional artists in a diversity of art forms within a collective art setting. The program provides an opportunity to educate the public in the process of creating art.

Objectives of the AIR Program: 

  1. To provide the community with a diverse and dynamic group of artists in residence reflecting multiple disciplines in the arts.
  2. To enrich the community with services that may include artist in residence involvement in demonstrations, lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, open studios, and performances.
  3. To act as ambassadors for MD Hall in the community, and to encourage new audiences to participate in the arts at MD Hall
  4. To inspire artistic cross fertilization and collaboration

To apply, submit application below online with supporting materials.

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Please include the requested materials with your application. Your proposal should address what you hope to achieve through your residency, in terms of collection/series as well as any community activities/workshops/open studios.

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Allowed File Types: pdf, doc, docx, jpg
Allowed File Types: pdf, doc, docx, jpg