Maryland Hall’s Artists-in-Residence Programs provide a supportive atmosphere for artists in a collective setting, while giving opportunities for artists to develop their voice and contribute to the community at Maryland Hall.

The Openshaw AIR program at Maryland Hall offers studio space, support in the form of a materials stipend, basic marketing featuring AIR artists and links to individual artists' sites. At the end of the two month residency, Openshaw AIRs will present a solo show in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery.  

The program provides accessible space to up and coming artists in the local community while also educating the public in the process of the creation of art through a diversity of forms. Artists are given the opportunity to create a collection of work to exhibit in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery at the end of their residency while also curating the space.

Maryland Hall serves the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County community by providing a broad range of creative experiences through quality arts education and culturally diverse programs in the performing and visual arts. Based in Annapolis, Maryland Hall is a thriving, innovative home for artists of all kinds, and is supported by the dedication of the area’s businesses, volunteers, visitors, students, community members, and educators. Our programs, including performances, classes, exhibitions and workshops are designed to educate, entertain and inspire.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To provide time and space for investigation of ideas while working towards a collection/series to be presented in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery
  • To bring in a diverse group of artists 
  • To maintain and enhance the quality and diversity of the creative services offered by MD Hall 
  • To foster creativity by providing solitude and community through affordable, subsidized studio space, with mutual trust that the artist will use the opportunity to move their work forward. 
  • To enrich and stimulate the community through activities offered by Artists-in-Residence such as workshops, demonstrations, open studio events throughout the year, lectures, exhibitions and performances.
  • To encourage new audiences to come to MD Hall and participate in the arts.

Program Description

The Openshaw AIR program consists of one artist studio (310B) which rotates new artists every two months. During the two month residency, the visual artist will work on a collection/series which they will present in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery at the end of the Residency. The material stipend provided to each artist is $500 and can be used for materials and supplies needed for the artist’s exhibit/installation. Upon completion of the residency, the AIR will curate and install their work, which will remain up for two months.  Building hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 11 pm, Saturday 8 am – 5 pm. AIRs are encouraged to regularly use the studio space to create original work. Studios are not to be used as office space.


Individual artists must create original work. Artists are required to be residing in Maryland. Students, commercial artists and non-profits arts groups are not eligible.

Selection Criteria and Process

Artists are reviewed by a panel of artists, art teachers and arts professionals from the region, and a representative from the staff, MD Hall Board of Directors and/or a current AIR. The panelists are chosen for their expertise and impartial judgment in the types of art forms represented in the applicant pool. 

Residency Length:  one two-month term with option to apply to general AIR program


  1. Quality of work and experience in the field.  The quality of work submitted will be the first criteria judged by the review committee. This is based primarily on work samples and then other submitted materials.
  2. Appropriateness of work type for the space.
  3. Diversity of applicants: It is our mission to offer studio space to artists working in a variety of mediums and artistic activities.
  4. Commitment to use of the studio: It is hoped that each artist will contribute to the general community and artistic spirit at Maryland Hall. While the program operates on the honor system, if an AIR should find that they are not able to use their studio due to life changes, etc., we request this be addressed with the Maryland Hall staff.  We recommend that artists use their studio a minimum of 15- 20 hours per week. Please keep in mind that others are waiting for space to become available in order to pursue their work.

Follow these steps to apply:

Step one: Read about the program, eligibility requirements and selection process.

Step two:  Submit application below online with supporting materials.


Application Procedure - Please submit the following materials:

  1. Completed application form below
  2. Resume
  3. Artist statement.
  4. Proposal. This should address what you hope to achieve through your residency, in terms of collection/series as well as any community activities/workshops/open studios 
  5. References. Contact information from two art professionals and/or mentors/teachers who can attest to your artistic commitment, initiative, and potential.
  6. Visual art 2-D or 3-D: Please provide 3-4 high-resolution jpeg images (resolution of 300 dpi) of representative work for publicity purposes. Images must be saved as an attachment to the email and labeled as follows: lastname_firstname_titleofwork


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Please include the requested materials with your application. Your proposal should address what you hope to achieve through your residency, in terms of collection/series as well as any community activities/workshops/open studios.

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