Comacell Brown, aka Cell Spitfire, is a multi-disciplinary artist from Annapolis, Maryland, specializing in painting, graphic design, entrepreneurial skills, and local outreach through art. He holds an Associates Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta.

Born in the mid-1980s, Comacell’s struggles developed early in life as a result of absent parents. Due to drug addiction, his mother gave legal guardianship of her only son to his grandparents. Aware of and affected by his mother’s addiction by the age of 8, he began to channel his emotions into art.

His passion for drawing and painting was cultivated at an after school program provided by the Salvation Army. He later began to manifest his love for art on clothing, turning t-shirts and jeans into his new canvas, creating customized apparel.

At the age of 18, Comacell embarked on a custom clothing line, later to be called Creative Fashions. Over time, his one-offs evolved into wholesale production, followed by recognition and notoriety.

His clients include Lamar Jackson, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Angela Davis, Louis Farrakhan, Young Jeezy, Cam Newton, Amara La Negra, Young Dylan, FUBU Frames, YBS Skola, PNB Rock, Kane Beatz, Ransom, FreeWay and the Ice City Click, Memphis Bleek, and more.

Comacell is the recipient of many awards including a 2019 Governor’s Citation for Outstanding Service, Artist of the Month (Capital Gazette - April 2019), a 2019 Community Collaboration Award, a 2019 Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, and the 2015 DMV Painter/Drawer of the Year Award.

Comacell Brown, Jr.

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