Artist Statement

The narrative of one’s art is a living document, evolving in phases.

My practice, without any conscious help from me pushed visions out of my soul lingering for years. The most important lesson I have learned has been to get out of my own way and let the art lead me. I am drawn to artists, male and female whose sensibilities are able to look intimately at the feminine mystic

Women express openly among themselves emotion and spirituality. The meaning of feminism is having unparalleled physical strength to quite literally push humanity forward. Feminism silently and most profoundly influences my work. Women are the species I know best.

I am from the DMV lived in New York, New Mexico, and Italia. My work is abstractly real. The techniques are driven by classical art “isms”, indigenous tribal art and a mysterious ancestral DNA. I spend time reading, studying and collecting mentors to further my art. My influences include, Wilfredo Lam, Picasso, Matisse, Leon Berkowitz, Alma Thomas and contemporary artists who converse with me about art, politics, and concepts of life, Lillian Burwell, Jack Whitten, Oliver Lee Jackson, Akili Anderson, Alonzo Davis and Patricia Michaels.

I am driven to tell the story of my time through the eyes of a Black American woman, a feminist and global citizen.

Greta Chapin McGill

Human Values
The Pieta Contemporario