New Exhibition by Artist in Resident: Sheldon Pindell

February 1, 2023 | Openshaw Balcony Gallery

#ArtGang is a movement any and every creator can be part of. It pushes the idea that all art styles can be considered “fine” and should be able to share the same space and venue as more “traditional” works. We are boundary breakers, noise makers, bold, offensive, loud, and go against the grain. We don’t wanna be like everyone else. We set the trends to follow.

#ArtGang2 is a continued project that explores the concept of taking an object that is typically paired with negative connotation (gas masks), and creating a beautifully bold, eye-catching, thought provoking work of art. Many of the work’s titles correlate with aspects of life… both good and bad. This gives each mask its own story and personality to explore.

So please get lost for a moment, and embrace a different style of art. I give you #ArtGang2. Thank you and enjoy.

Artist Statement:

The world can be a cruel, dark, and unforgiving place. Life was never promised to be fair or kind to anyone. These are facts. However, Instead of simply accepting these truths and going about our time here holding a dark reality over our heads, we humans found a way to create balance. We were able to find beauty in life, we found meaning. Then, we took what we found, created gifts, and gave back. One of those gifts that changed and molded the world forever was ART. 

As an artist my goal is simply to create works that capture emotion, ignites imagination, and inspires creativity. If I’m able to make a positive impact in even one individual’s life before my time here is done through art, then all the hours behind a canvas was well worth it. This is my contribution to life’s balance.

This is my creative gift that I give to the world. 

- Sheldon Pindell 

Sheldon Pindell, 'Mayhem'