Circulation Paper Series 2 by Jung Eun Kim

Open July 1st - August 30th, 2022
Chaney & Martino Galleries

Opening Reception (free and open to the public): July 21, 5:30-7 pm (NEW DATE)

Exhibit Statement

This exhibition explores the concept of peace through art. Art is a powerful tool in which we engage and mediate conflict and trauma. Contemporary peacebuilding practices use art as a tool to build a common ground in conflicting parties. Art has been a source of healing to many all over the world. Our hopes for peace are unique to each individual. It is this hope that continuously challenges the status quo and pushes our generation to build a peace that is inclusive and diverse. The peace to come refers to Jaques Derrida’s concept of “l’avenir.” which refers to the future whose arrival is unexpected. We can’t predict what the future holds and how this peace will arrive but give us hope for a better future. The exhibition reimagines what the future holds for peace to come. 

About Han-Mee Artists Association of Greater Washington (HMAA)

HMAA is an organization that is made up of Korean-American artists who have immigrated to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area during the last half century. In 1975, fifteen artists living in the Washington Metro Area founded HMAA as an organization for artists with Korean heritage to exhibit their unique work and encourage each other as they pursued their passion for art together.

HMAA members have exhibited their work through individual and group exhibitions in various museums and galleries in the Washington area as well as in international locations for forty two years. Such venues include the Korean Cultural Center, Baltimore Art Center, Historical Society of Washington D.C., Maryland Hall, and Harmony Hall Regional Center. Works of some members are held in permanent collections at various museums.

Members are inspired to showcase their limitless vision, commitment, and individual creativity in order to share the spirit and culture of Korean-Americans living in the United States capital. HMAA work to pass on their cultural heritage to the next generation, to enrich their community with cultural diversity, and to increase the awareness of Korean-American culture within the Metropolitan D.C. area.

A Selection from Reimagining Peace to Come

Lonely Man Who Becomes Candy, Wood, By Dong hyun Rhee. Artist Statement: 외로움을 담담하고 소소하게 그려내려고 한다
Wavelength, Mixed Media, By Eunyoung Lee. Artist Statement: Waves of positive energy from the light.
Brooklyn Bridge, Oil Paint, By Okji Kim. Artist Statement:  Strolling by the Brooklyn Bridge.
Flowing, Acrylic and Oil Paint, By Irene Kim. Artist Statement: My painting is mysterious and vivid. When you observe the painting closely, it looks like a mosaic. But at a great distance, you can see the story of crisis in the ocean inside of the picture.