by Craig Colorusso 

PATH OF THE BUMBLEBEE is an interactive song and piece composed of 25 blocks stacked in various columns at different heights. The composition is triggered by sensors strategically placed on the blocks. The speakers and sensors are placed inside the blocks at different heights, engulfing the participants in sound and space. The blocks are arranged in a maze-like footprint representing the infinite possibilities of sound and movement while encouraging curiosity and a healthy wander through the array. The piece is meant to be experienced in real-time and will sound better with friends. The sounds of the piece come from the electric guitar and bass clarinet. It is a 9-channel piece that is constantly changing, never to be repeated. Designed to wander and get lost inside of, the name refers to the famous musical composition, 'Flight of the Bumblebee,' that some would regard as the pinnacle of virtuosity. PATH OF THE BUMBLEBEE is a more playful concept emphasizing the relationship between the piece and the participant instead of how well someone could play it. PATH OF THE BUMBLEBEE will be permanently displayed on the Maryland Hall campus beginning June 3rd.



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