Maryland Hall presents art exhibitions that engage audiences on many levels, from community exhibits to curated group and solo shows in several galleries: the Chaney Gallery, the Martino Gallery, the Openshaw Balcony Gallery and Hallway Galleries. The gallery season features emerging and established artists in all media, from more accessible, traditional work, to work questions contemporary culture, methods, and ideas. The galleries are free and open to the public for viewing. We host bi-monthly artists’ receptions, and artwork is often for sale.  

Our Galleries

Chaney Gallery

The Chaney Gallery is the largest of Maryland Hall’s professional galleries with 1,000 square feet of floor space; it can accommodate large group shows or shows featuring multiple artists. Located on the second floor and accessible by elevator, the Chaney Gallery has 12 foot ceilings and professional track lighting.

Martino Gallery

The 450 square foot Martino Gallery has 11 foot ceilings, professional track lighting and natural light. This gallery is also located on the second floor, accessible by elevator and is ideal for solo shows and small group exhibits.

Openshaw Balcony Gallery

The Openshaw Balcony Gallery is an open gallery space located on the third floor and is dedicated to showcasing young and emerging artists. The space allows for a wide range of visibility during Maryland Hall or resident company performances as it is located outside of the Balcony seating area for the Main Theatre. Local artist groups, outreach or school group shows, artists-in-residence, and individual emerging artists are among those found exhibiting in the Openshaw Balcony Gallery.

Executive Director Gallery

Newly activated alcove space, positioned inside our Executive Directors Jackie Colman's office.

1st Floor Alcove Gallery

The Alcove Gallery is located on the first floor and is equipped with a track hanging system and lighting. It is used by Maryland Hall's Figure Drawing and Portrait co-ops.

What's Showing?

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