Inclement Weather

Maryland Hall posts closure information due to weather on the front of our web site.  Closures or schedule adjustments due to weather are posted to the site as soon as decisions are made.    

Weekday Inclement Weather Policy: Maryland Hall Classes

  • Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts follows the AACPS inclement weather policy for all classes held before noon, Monday through Friday.  
  • If AACPS are closed all day (code red or code blue), MHCA will NOT have classes.
  • If AACPS are open one or two hours late, classes held before noon at MHCA are canceled.
  • If AACPS dismiss early, MHCA will determine whether or not MHCA afternoon and evening classes will take place.
  • If AACPS cancels after-school activities, please check the MHCA website as MHCA will determine whether or not MHCA afternoon and evening classes will take place.
  • For status of Saturday and Sunday classes, please check the MHCA website.   

Inclement Weather Policy: Performances and Other Activities

Because MHCA houses a wide variety of activities including ticketed performances, meetings and other events, decisions on cancelations and closures due to inclement weather for afternoon, evening and weekend activities are made on a case-by-case basis and may not be consistent with AACPS policies.  Notices about performances and events will be posted on the front of Maryland Hall web site as soon as decisions are made.