Jeffrey K. Harris | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Jeffrey K. Harris

Harris has been a long time resident of the Annapolis area and is passionate about the need to create educational opportunities for improving STEM and arts education to help foster creativity and innovation.  Over his career, he has contributed to U.S. national security in both government and industry where he has fostered new technologies, programs and capabilities that have contributed significantly to U.S. national security capabilities.  He is retired from Lockheed Martin, where he was a corporate officer and served as President of Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space and President of Lockheed Martin Special Programs.  Also, he served as President of Space Imaging, the first company to commercially provide high-resolution satellite imagery and information products of the Earth. 

Before entering the private sector, Harris served in senior national leadership positions, including Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space; Director, National Reconnaissance Office, and Associate Executive Director of the Intelligence Community.  He is a Trustee at Rochester Institute of Technology, serves on the RIT College of Science Dean’s Advisory Board and the RIT Imaging Science Advisory Board. 

Harris holds a bachelor’s degree in Photographic Science and Instrumentation from the Rochester Institute of Technology.