Musical Theatre Tap 2

Thu 05:00 pm to 06:00 pm
Start Date: September 03, 2015  End Date: December 17, 2015
Instructor Name: 
Ballet Theatre of Maryland Faculty,
Room Number: 
BTM approval Only
Course Description: 

Please contact Nicole Kelsch, School Principal, at 410-263-8289 for more information regarding the Ballet Theatre of Maryland Program. This class is a continuation of Tap 1 with emphasis on increasing vocabulary and developing more precision and quality of sound and rhythms. Prerequisite: enrollment in class is based on technical proficiency and instructor approval. The attire for tap classes is as follows: Girls: Black leotard, tights or sock, shorts (optional) and black tap shoes; Boys: Shirt, pants or shorts, and black tap shoes. Hair should be pulled back off the face into a neat bun or short ponytail. No classes 10/19/15 through 10/25/15.