On March 14, we closed our treasured space for what we thought would be two weeks. It didn’t take long before we realized our two week pause would extend much longer. The Maryland Hall team stayed optimistic and asked ourselves “what can we do?” instead of focusing on what we couldn’t.

We have a vision for the path forward, which we shared at our Arts Alive! event. Typically our biggest fundraiser of the year, we were unable to hold our traditional bash so instead we used the night to share a bold vision for our future.

Front Stairs Concerts will lead to our new Athletes for the Arts Celebration. Virtual classes will lead to safe live experiences. World class artist Patrick Dougherty’s installation will lead to a broader conversation around campus. 

In case you missed it, you can watch the event here and enjoy our first Front Stairs Concert featuring the fabulously talented Carronne Jones and the Soul Revival Band.

Watch the livestream.
Behind the scenes!


The Capital wrote a story on the event that provides even more details on what’s ahead. 

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