Chuck teaching in the woodturning studio

Chuck was born in Washington, DC in the late 1940’s but soon moved to Rehobeth Beach, DE where he grew up. After attending Saint Andrews prep school in Middleton, DE, Chuck attended Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. He moved back to the Eastern Shore after his first year where he attended and graduated from Washington College in Chestertown, MD, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities. After some brief travel to Europe, Chuck went to New York City where he attended Gernain School of Photography, a highly respected school. This led him back to Washington where he worked as a photographer covering the White House. With his White House press pass in hand, Chuck found himself photographing President John Kennedy on numerous occasions. Chuck fondly remembers attending the White House Correspondents and Photographers Dinner and photographing President Kennedy and Barbra Streisand. He would later move back to New York City as a writer and contributor for a national monthly publication.

Samples of Chuck's work

Chuck would later return to Maryland to make his home in Chestertown where he became deeply involved in the thriving art community. He was able to fine tune his woodworking abilities to the master level. Chuck became interested in working with wood at an early age. His first woodworking project was with his father. Together they built a contact printer used to develop negative photos and print them on paper. His first woodturning experience in Chestertown came in 2000 when he was given the job of producing six foot turnings for high end chandeliers for wealthy clients. Chuck soon developed into a highly acclaimed wood turner. He has worked with numerous artists in developing and turning wooden components for artistic display. His work is often displayed at local museums and art galleries.

In 2002, Chuck joined the Chesapeake Woodturners, a local club dedicated to developing and expanding the art of woodturning, as well as, the proper and safe way to operate the wood lathe. He would later lead this organization as vice-president and as president. The Chesapeake Woodturners are credited with countless demonstrations at art shows, parks, and other events that support live demonstration of the art. Chuck developed into an accomplished instructor through his association with this organization and, in 2013, was invited to be the woodturning instructor at Maryland Hall.

Samples of Chuck's work

Chuck has taught more than 250 students interested in learning the art of woodturning since his appointment. His quiet demeanor and expert knowledge of the craft have been an inspiration for many to purchase a lathe in order to pursue the art of the craft at home in their own shop. He has often been asked by students to aid them is the selection and purchase proper tools and equipment to support their artistic interest.

Others often join the Woodturning Co-op at Maryland Hall after Chuck’s blessing for safety and basic knowledge of the wood lathe. The co-op allows student access to the lathe studio during normal hours of operation. Students who join the co-op share ideas and techniques with others in the co-op allowing for an accelerated learning curve. Since Chuck’s arrival in 2013, the Woodturning Co-Op has become a thriving and unique environment where some exceptional art has been produced.

Passing on the art of woodturning

His expert knowledge in the maintenance and repair of the equipment under his purview has ensured the continued function of the equipment in support of both the class room and the co-op. He often travels to Maryland Hall to inspect and maintain the equipment and meets with current and prior students to answer questions or provide explanation and demonstrations if required. He has been a truly unique and selfless asset to Maryland Hall for almost ten years.

Chuck’s other interests include boating, photography, and computers. He obtained his captain’s license some years past where he acted as captain or crew aboard many vessels (both sail and power) traveling up and down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Other than his enjoyment of photography, Chuck enjoys helping those new to computers successfully navigate Microsoft for the first time.

Other resources for those interested in the art of woodturning may be found on the Chesapeake Woodturners website at Further resources may be found on the The American Association of Woodturners website at  

Chuck retired from teaching in Spring 2022. We wish him an enjoyable retirement and extend immense gratitude for his contributions to the education community at Maryland Hall. Discover the art of woodturning in a class of your own!