| Diana Diamond, Director of Communications Maryland Hall

Maryland Hall and Synergy Consulting’s collaboration in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Engagement (DEI) will reinforce Maryland Hall’s dedicated mission of Art for All by cultivating an inclusive environment and a culture of belonging that evokes a sense of urgency and efficiency related to needs, perspectives, and voices of marginalized groups.

It is important that Maryland Hall reflects an organization-wide culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to determine and establish actions that prioritize creating an equitable and inclusive work environment. Embracing the principles will contribute both internally to employee engagement, and externally to business performance and customer relations that will further illuminate our mission of Art for All.

The purpose of DEI Engagement is to monitor and sustain processes and policies within Maryland Hall’s infrastructure that make the most of its diversity and arts culture. In collaboration, Synergy Consulting and Maryland Hall seek to implement DEI engagement through four areas of focus: Organizational Assessment, Strategic Plan Redesign, Organization-Wide DEI Statement Development, and Strategy Implementation Support.

“In order for Maryland Hall to ensure we are bringing Art for All as our mission demands, we must do the work to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all staff, students, artists, and audiences. We are grateful that Synergy Consulting is providing us with the tools and knowledge to move forward on this significant journey.” -Jackie Coleman, Executive Director of Maryland Hall 

“The decision to bring in a consulting firm is a true sign of the organization’s awareness and intentionality concerning the significance of representation, justice, and inclusion. We are truly excited that Maryland Hall chose Synergy to be their partner on this impactful journey.” -Tracie Daniels, President of Synergy Consulting 

“Maryland Hall has an intentional focus on diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice as part of its evolution to becoming a modern arts organization. We hope that through choices in staffing, programming, and exhibits Maryland Hall can credibly claim to truly be a supportive place for all to thrive artistically. DEI is not a box to check at Maryland Hall, but we are weaving these concepts into the DNA of the institution.” -Maryland Hall Board of Directors, Sonya Swygert

“The board and staff are both working to deepen our understanding of important DEI issues. Our goal is that a better understanding of various communities and people around us will help us at Maryland Hall to better strive toward achieving our goal of Art for All.” -Maryland Hall Board of Directors, Debbie Mayer

Synergy has performed DEI Training and Consulting for multiple institutions, quasi-governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations in various industries. Synergy will conduct an organizational assessment of Maryland Hall covering nine focal areas of DEI. The result of the assessment will be used to develop a comprehensive and sustainable DEI strategy tailored to the specific needs of Maryland Hall. 

Dedicated to Art for All, Maryland Hall is the region’s cultural core, convening and engaging all people in arts and experiences that strengthen the community. Maryland Hall continues to welcome, connect, and enrich all with inspiring arts experiences.

For more information on Maryland Hall and Synergy Consulting’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Engagement Initiative, please contact