| Diana Diamond, Director of Communications Maryland Hall

About the Companies

Maryland Hall is home to four uniquely exceptional resident companies: The Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Annapolis Opera, Live Arts Maryland, and the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra. In years past, each of these companies developed exciting and multidimensional programming largely independently of one another. But as the organization looks ahead to the new year and the future of arts programming in Maryland, the companies are coming together around a shared campaign and set of core priorities.

“This is a truly special space, and our resident companies make us unique. With this shared campaign, we are laying the foundation for our shared approach to uniquely exceptional programming.” Jackie Coleman, Executive Director, Maryland Hall

About the Campaign

This campaign will unify the resident companies around more than shared messaging. The initiative represents a broader commitment to unification and shared practices. In 2023, Maryland Hall will be working with these companies to coordinate things like logistics, ticketing, stage production, and resourcing. That means a more seamless experience for attendees and vast potential for more dynamic partnership and programming across the board.


About Maryland Hall

At Maryland Hall, visitors can enjoy the arts in countless ways—whether signing up for a class, attending a performance, visiting the on-site galleries, meeting artists-in-residence, volunteering, or spending time on the campus. Maryland Hall is proud to welcome more than 100,000 people to enjoy the arts each year. This campaign is a reinforcement of the organization’s continual commitment to Art for All.

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