| Diana Diamond, Director of Communications, Maryland Hall

About Discover Your Ultimate Flow State with Expressive Writing

In a world of divided attention, the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, putting pen to paper evokes mindfulness, helps us structure anxious thoughts, and is proven to boost immune function. Our esteemed panelists will illuminate the science behind the therapeutic practice of expressive writing and how you can access your flow state to explore a wealth of possibilities on the page.

Whether you keep a personal journal, dabble with short stories, or possibly started that memoir on more than one occasion, the creative process is underway.

“Maryland Hall is thrilled to host the upcoming Healing Conversation focused on creative flow and expressive writing. As so many art forms rely on words to express meaning, in this conversation, we are centering the writing process as the art form! I look forward to learning from these dynamic speakers and would love to see you there.”

Jackie Coleman,

Executive Director, Maryland Hall