Welcome New Teaching Artists:

Bethany Love

Mini Makers Art Club  - Caregiver and Child 18 mos – 4 years                                                             

Classes are geared toward our youngest artist.  The focus is on sensory play and process art- a safe and fun environment for toddlers and their caregivers to explore various art materials and sensory play experiences.  Art Play - 18 months to 4 years old child/caregiver class – offered season long. Each week children would engage with at least 2 sensory play setups, a collaborative group art piece and an individual mixed media project adding a new layer weekly.

Debra Sawyer

Three One day workshops on Saturdays                                                                                              

Debra Sawyer is the Founder of Lady Ingenuity established in 2001. The brand name is the umbrella for her eclectic artwear jewelry designs, paintings and other unusual handmade crafts. Debra is also a breast cancer survivor and the former breast cancer survivor Cover Girl for Komen Maryland’s Support Your Local Breasts campaign. As a survivor, Debra believes in fully opening oneself up to trying new things. Her motto for her paint workshops is simply….NO Rules….Just Paint! 

Melissa Hyatt Foss

Mud To Music – Ocarina (teen class and adult)

Instrument-maker, musician, composer, researcher and educator developing artistic and educational projects that explore Pre-Colombian sound artifacts of the Americas and their applications in contemporary art and music. In addition to her skills with historical pottery, for seven years she was a soloist with the Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments and New Technologies, performing in Argentina and touring abroad in Europe and Central America

Sara Tippin

Art as a Business (adults) and Pottery for Teens 

Sara is an Entrepreneur Artist in a Ceramics field that is introducing a new area of business classes for other budding entrepreneurs. The is the owner of Joyful Clay Studio, a successful business selling successfully in several markets – and just recently filled in for a teen pottery class  this summer which will continue this fall. 

Kristi Funk

Arts Integration/Spanish Immersion

Kristi Funk is a Spanish Immersion Language Teacher who will be teaching a language based literacy immersion class for ages 3-5. A teacher at AAPCS schools, she is branching out to expand her reach by having a Maryland Hall based program.

Wildhearts Academy: Laura Brino & Stephanie Smith

Wildhearts Academy is a philosophy to teaching children while also building an inclusive, compassionate and forward thinking community. With a comprehensive approach, using Arts Integration, Wellness Habits and Nature Based curriculum, Wildhearts Academy provides a unique approach to seeing the world around us through a diverse lens.  Wildhearts employs additional teachers on their staff (14 classes).  Serves ages 4-12

NEW classes from Current Teaching Artists

Ballet Theatre of Maryland - Adaptive Dance Movement classes . An inclusive class that specializes in meeting the needs of individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. This class promotes self-expression, enhances spatial awareness, improves motor skills and coordination, fosters cooperation and collaboration all while building a strong community.

Renata Mastroti Kunkel – Precious Metal Clay 

Andrea Olney Wall – Interior design meets Abstract Art

Sarah Tippin - Teen Pottery Thursdays

Maple Irish Dance - Irish Dancing for Adults

Academy Ballet School of Annapolis – Contemporary Dance - modern, Jazz, lyrical and ballet.